The Main Street Square Condominium Association

Image The Vote that Really Counts!

  1. I was with a friend as she opened her mail. Her arms dropped to her side, as she looked at me with concern on her face. “Can they do this”, she said. I took from her hand the letter she was reading. As I looked at the correspondence, I shared her concern. It was a notice from the board of directors. Her condominium association was announcing a general assessment of $1,350.00, to be paid by July of this year.


I was surprised at what I saw because I knew the association well. I had often used it as an example for how a condominium association could be managed. I was impressed with the landscape; there was lots of it. There was plenty of grass that was green and always cut, and the trees were trimmed well. They kept a clubhouse and there was an outdoor pool that was used for swimming by the homeowners and their guests. All for $144.00/month. I was surprised at this notification because I couldnt think of any major problems. There hadnt been a fire anywhere and the roadways did not look in need of repair. The only explanation that was given by the board was that they were behind in general repairs and the work had to begin soon.


This drama is still unfolding, but there are two things that are obvious. First, there was a lack of clear communication from the board to the homeowners. The need for a general assessment should be known and discussed though out the community, well before it is imposed. Second, there was a lack of interest and concern within the community in general. Many members were not alarmed that a whole board of directors had resigned several months before this levy. Furthermore, it is not clear that the present board of directors, who came to power in an emergency situation, has the knowledge and skill to make good business judgments in passing an assessment of this size.


Condominium living is a partnership of homeowners where an elected board of directors has the power to make decisions that directly affect all of our lives. If our board does not make thoughtful and sensible decisions, we will have to be assessed in order to correct the situation or we will suffer a loss in our property values. Therefore, the most important vote that we will make within the next year is not for a Representative of Congress or the President of the United States, but for a responsible and thoughtful member of our community who is willing to serve honestly on the Board of Directories of their local condominium association. Remember to be present and vote at our general membership meeting in June.


Douglass May

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