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Dip Tube Bulletin



A dip tube is a plastic tube in your water heater that delivers incoming cold water to the bottom of the tank. Although the dip tube is part of the water heater assembly, Bradford White does not manufacture this part. Another company, Perfection Corporation, manufactures it. Perfection Corporation sold tubes to the entire water heater industry.


Perfection has advised us that they had a manufacturing problem that may affect a small percentage of the tubes it produced and sold to the industry between 1993 and 1996. Some of the dip tubes have not been performing to quality standards. Reports of broken dip tubes have been received. Broken tubes can cause symptoms of insufficient hot water or clogged faucets, although these symptoms are not always related to the dip tube.


Bradford White is working with your plumbing professional to provide you with a remedy for this dip tube problem.


If you experience any of these symptoms, please read and perform the following:


1. Copy down the complete model and serial number of the Bradford White water

heater. This is located on the front of the water heater. On gas water heaters, the numbers are located on labeling above the gas thermostat valve. On electric water heaters, the numbers are located on labeling between, or to the side of the element access covers plates. NO REMOVAL OF PANELS OR PARTS ARE NECESSARY!


2. Check the first two letters of the serial number (not model number) you copied down. The following serial numbers were produced during the 1993 to 1996 time frame that may be affected by a Perfection dip tube problem:






OA, PA or PB


For example, serial number "KL 1234567" falls within the time frame. Serial number "TA 1234567" does not.


3. Contact your plumbing professional for a proper diagnosis of the cause. The cause of these symptoms may not be related to the dip tube.


If your plumbing professional confirms a Perfection problem dip tube, please have them contact our Service Support Department toll free at 1-800-334-3393 for instructions.